Donau Lounge at the Vienna Book Fair

Messe Wien
1020 Vienna

In November 2014 the Donau Lounge has appeared for the third time at the BUCH WIEN Vienna Book Fair - with huge success

The basic idea of the Donau Lounge project was to provide a stage for “Danubian” literature, to establish Danube cultural cooperations, and to promote the EUDRS at huge, popular but highbrow events. Book fairs are ideal places for this kind of content and promotion having at the same time a strong impact on culture, economy, media and the public.

At BUCH WIEN 2014 some 40 guests from 11 Danube-countries took part in the Donau Lounge-programme. Through this programme the fair visitors learn a lot about contemporary literature in the Danube area, about recent Danube-related publications and typical issues for the region (e.g. panel discussions to relevant historical anniversaries like 1914 or 1989). Publishing houses and the media get reliable information on publishing licences, translation support or contacts to other publishing houses, authors, translators or literature institutions in the Danube countries).

You can find the detailed programme and further information in the "Extrablatt" newspaper that was created especially for the Vienna Book Fair.