2021 to 2023

A long-term desire – the story behind 


Within the framework of the INTERREG-Danube Transnational project CultPlatForm_21 (2017-19), a concept for a low-threshold small-scale financing tool for culture and art cooperation projects in the Danube region was developed on the initiative of the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts (MWK) Baden-Württemberg. This is what we call now the Danube Small Project Fund for Culture (DSPF). 

The basic idea is to provide an uncomplicated funding platform for Danube-wide collaboration that can disburse small amounts (<5,000 €) for the most important costs (travel expenses, etc.) without major administrative hurdles. 

Such funding has been a long-term desire of the cultural sector in the Danube region since the very beginning of the European Union’s Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR). 


Innovative funding features for a creative region 

The DSPF… 

  • seeks to fund innovative cultural initiatives;  
  • encourages independent NGOs, small associations & groups of creatives to apply;  

- provides easy access & application; 

  • fosters transnational exchange & cooperation; 
  • works transparently & efficiently. 


The first application round (Call 1) took place in autumn/winter 2021 concluding in five innovative small-scale cooperation projects from different countries of the Danube area. You can find all granted initiatives on www.danubeculture.eu 


A Danube-wide funding partnership 

In order to demonstrate and adjust the functions of this new funding tool, a pilot implementation phase takes place from 2021-2023. For this purpose, a website (www.danubeculture.eu) has been set up including the call, the application form, as well as the terms and conditions. 


The DSPF pilot phase is funded by various partners throughout the Danube area. The MWK Baden-Württemberg and the Provincial Government of Lower Austria – Working Community of the Danube Regions contribute yearly a lump sum to the fund. Further strong partners are the “Kulturreferentin” for the Danube Region at DZM Ulm, the City of Regensburg and the Donaubüro gGmbH Ulm/Neu-Ulm.  

From 2022 on, the Austrian Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs as well as the Government of the Autonomous Province Vojvodina are new partners of the DSPF. 


There are also ongoing negotiations with new partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Hungary. In this sense, a new alliance for culture and creativity in the Danube region is being established. We are permanently inviting further public institutions, foundations, companies & also individuals to contribute to the fund (following a public-private partnership). 

The DSPF is managed by the Danube Cultural Cluster member European Danube Academy Ulm. 


How to apply? 

You can find all further information regarding the calls (deadlines, conditions, online application form & results) under 



More questions? Send us an email via