Mind the Game Conference

H13 Student- and Business Development Center. Horánszky str. 13.

Mindspace – act natural

The organisation that involves, transfers, communicates, solves, teaches, and plays. Mindspace is organising a conference about livable city, and how to involve people into actions using playful methods.

6-8th October 2015 Mind the Game workshop

The workshop will be a three-day-event focusing on exchange of experiences, inspiration and creation. We expect to have 20 participants from various background to collaborate and learn together. The results of the workshop will be integrated to the urban game organised on the 8th of October. Come and get inspired.

8th October 2015 Mind the Game - Urban Game

We cannot only talk about the game. We have to play the game. The night before Mind the Game conference we invite our guests for a 3-hour-long game to play at super secret locations which will only be revealed at the very last moment before the start. The players will not only experience what it is like to play, but will also find out, by forming small groups of players and locals, what it is like to be a part of everyday life in Budapest. The players will have to solve problems with the help of locals, and play endlessly. Games can function as a method of learning but are also sources of happiness that is why we can make great use of them in every area of life. This method of using games is called gamification but before giving a precise explanation of what it is, we would like to invite you to experience it first.

9th October 2015 Mind the Game conference - Conference for a livable city, in the spirit of games

How to motivate residents playfully to make their city more livable? The conference puts emphasis on the methods of gamification and the idea of a livable city and smart city. We thoroughly cover both subjects and connect them to each other. What makes a city more livable, more lovable more colorful and what motivates residents to form happy communities? We would like to get to know and also adapt effective and popular practices, from similar events from foreign cities, which have resulted in motivating the public without having to place billboards around the city. The main language of the conference is Hungarian, but we provide English interpretation.

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