Urban Platform Danube Region

Danube Cultural Cluster as an active player of the Urban Platform Danube Region

The Danube Cultural Cluster belongs to the Priority Area 3 (Culture, Tourism, and People-to-people Relations) of the EUSDR, based and developed under the recommendations of the action plan of EUSDR. Recently an excellent horizontal collaboration has been developed with Priority Area 10 (Stepping up institutional capacity and cooperation).

Which thematic leadership is the organization interested in?

Since November last year the Danube Cultural Cluster association is a registered member of UPDR. The most important projects and a short description of the organization has already been uploaded to the UPDR homepage.

As the speaker/president of the Danube Cultural Cluster association, I could strongly imagine to undertake a thematic leadership in UPDR. Therefore, if you and PA 10 agree, I would submit the plan of a thematic leadership to the next General Assembly of the Cluster on 27 February 2015. If the General Assembly votes for it, we will send a letter of commitment to PA 10 in which we undertake thematic leadership in the field of contemporary culture and creative projects in terms of strenghtening cooperation, communication and mobility.

Which contribution to the Urban Platform is planned (document sharing, workshop organization, conference, study visits, mentoring programme)?

Through its members the cluster has immediate access to the cultural scene of many cities in the region. Moreover, dealing with contemporary arts and culture inherently means to have a strong urban component in our work.

As a thematic leader the contribution of Danube Cultural Cluster could be at least document sharing (through our own and the UPDR website) or upon request, additionally we can work as an information point for cultural NGOs in the Danube Region (in a way of „we tell you whom to ask”). Furthermore, connected to our upcoming project Danube Culture Dialogue/Platform, we will have the opportunity to offer special workshops on best practices and future perspectives of (contemporary) cultural cooperation.