8th Danube Conference on Culture

Schallaburg Castle
3382 Schallaburg

Under the heading "Shaping Solidarity by Culture", the province of Lower Austria sent out a strong signal promoting exchange and cultural dialogue in the Danube region. After Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia, Lower Austria hosted the 8th International Danube Conference on Culture in the context of “ARGE Donauländer”, the Working Community of the Danube Regions, which was held at Schallaburg Castle. As the coronavirus pandemic situation had been worsening on a daily basis, the Danube Culture Conference was held on Friday 30 October 2020 as a virtual event with a wide international reach. Numerous contributions from the various Danube regions provided interesting insights into current projects focusing on the Danube region’s cultural heritage and its protection and development in line with the concept of sustainable cultural tourism. Literary projects and an EU funding outlook for the cultural sector in the forthcoming funding period rounded off the exchange of information.

We are very pleased that the international literature project Donau Lounge of the Danube Cultural Cluster was presented during the conference along with the INTERREG project CultPlatForm_21 in which the Cluster acted as an associate partner.


Please find below the YouTube-link to the 8th International Danube Conference on Culture, which was held on Friday 30 October 2020 as a virtual event at Schallaburg Castle:


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