Danube Day in Budapest

Kopaszi gát

The time has come when the Danube Flow – Danube Calling! ends - but it also means that the largest party is coming. The Danube lover adventurers celebrate the International Danube Day on the 29th of June at the Kopaszi-gát in Budapest. The event is organized by the Mindspace Non-profit Ltd. You will have the opportunity to laugh, go fishing, investigate, cry, do yoga, dance, throw things away and do some water experiments as well. And all these in one place and at one time!

Danube Day, Kopaszi-gát, programmes for kids and adults, from 2pm to 10pm. Among the programmes for children there will be the stations of ’Get Inspired by the Danube! - If you are thirsty for knowledge’ toolkit: The Danube quiz and The Great Bridge Building Game (a bridge model preparing workshop by using recycled materials) thanks to the ’kultúrAktív’ Association. To take ourselves really seriously, Mindspace invited Science to be represented. The workers of the Danube Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences will show us some exciting water experiments.

Laughing will have the main role at the water playground and in the ’Tér-kép-más’ game, where you can place the sights of Budapest on a satellite photo. The organizers provide fishing game for men and their sons, this time you can fish polystyrene Danube fish from a pool. In the ’Journey in the Danube’ throwing game the participants can get know the major cities of the river. The audience can see the one-man show of the actor, Bálint Jaskó from the KOMA Company. His tragicomedy is called ’The Life of a Water Drop’.

You can investigate again, the participants of the thriller game can nose after a bloodthirsty killer. The gymnastics lovers can join to a yoga class with the Yoga Club Jalagati. If all these were not enough, we turn over the Danube. The ’Vizes Város Budapest’ Association, who organize creative workshops during the summer holiday connects to the Danube Day as well. A camera obscura will be built up by them, by the artist, Miklós Bölcskey, by a huge black shroud and by the participants. In addition you can make your own camera obscura by recycled materials, and you can take photos of the Danube by your freshly prepared cameras.

Three concerts close the day, the show of Peca and Gobé bands and the performance of Veronika Harcsa. First Gobé plays folk music on classical bases, then our golden-throated singer, Veronika Harcsa with Bálint Gyémánt presents a miracle by their performance, and finally the Peca formation, led by Barna Gábos, master of flute-making, closes the evening with some Brazilian music.

All events of Danube Flow – Danube Calling! is launched in a corporate-civil cooperation by the support of Coca-Cola Hungary. Among those who taste the Jalagati yoga some yoga passes will be drawn, furthermore those who go along the investigation game and Get Inspired by the Danube! stations will have the chance to win boat tickets. Among those who take part in three Danube Flow events out of the eight, we draw extra prizes as well.


The Danube Flow is a program series in Budapest in the spring and in the summer, connected to the River Danube. The aim of the project and its events is to draw attention to the river, which severs the city, show its history, value and beauties. The event series is on for the third year with the support of Coca Cola Hungary.

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