On June 7th Donau Lounge was hosted at Vörösmarty square in Budapest for the Festive Book Week

Registration is open for the international partner search meeting on 28-29 May 2015 in Budapest, Hungary. (Kreatív Európa Iroda)

We are proud to announce that the Steering Group of the Priority Area 03  has pre-examined the project Donau Lounge.

Project Novi Sad 2021: Let’s Create Together! – Call for Submission of Project Ideas

Der Bildband ist das Ergebnis eines Jahres kontinuierlicher Arbeit und stellt im Moment den Höhepunkt der literarischen und auch bildnerischen Arbeit. 

Dragan Velikic is the first writer in history being awarded the so-called „Donaustipendium” (Danube-Scholarship), consisting of one month in Krems and the secound mounth in Pécs.

The „100 words about Budapest” is the first practical project, which was consciously geared to Smart City Budapest by Mindspace.

Danube Flow by motivation, raising awareness and education of local population on the value and importance of the river Danube helps people to live their lives more culturally vibrant.

The magnificent Danube both cuts across and connects central Europe, flowing through and alongside ten countries.