Danube Culture Platform – Creative Spaces of the 21st Century

The Danube Cultural Cluster is Associate Strategic Partner of an INTERREG Danube Transnational EU-project.

Art – culture – tourism: These three terms provide a tight definition of the cornerstones of our project, the Danube Culture Platform. The European history forms the foundation. The cultural traces with their known and their yet to be discovered, hidden sites will be connected into new cultural routes. With the European Institute of Cultural Routes the project has managed to attract a renowned and strategically important partner. These routes have important integrative power and are most appropriate for cultural tourism.

The main objective is an innovative multilevel policy framework for cultural routes in the Danube area. By implementing a policy learning platform and agreeing on a strategy for cultural routes a fundament for future cooperation and development along the river is laid. This platform is a testimonial on participative governance for cultural routes involving stakeholders from 14 EUSDR countries, from culture, tourism and science…

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Members of the Danube Cultural Cluster (cultural experts, artists, representatives of NGOs and institutions) will participate in the conferences and workshops of the project and contribute thematically to certain topics. An essential added value of the Cluster is that its members have different institutional backgrounds (foundations, private gallery, associations, public financed organization etc.) having all huge experience in cultural project making and cultural policy in practice. Therefore, the Danube Cultural Cluster is an ideal expert pool (or think tank) for the strategy development and also for the cooperation of different levels of cultural players (institutions, NGOs etc.).