Danube Highlights

Draft concept for an internet-based platform and service

The General Assembly of the Danube Cultural Cluster agreed to start with a new project which might become the next joint brand of the Cluster. The main idea is to launch a presentation platform for selected international events, cooperation projects and publications from the Danube region.

However, it is not our aim to create just another event calendar without any comments or reflections.

The members agreed that only a special selection and edition of recommendations (as a special service of the Cluster to the wider public) would make sense, e. g. 2-3 items per month. The added value will be generated by the Cluster by commenting, recommending or reflecting an event, a project or a book, and by providing interesting background information. For a professional result, an editorial team has to be installed.

Possible working mechanism

  • Proposals will be generated and sent in by the Cluster members
  • We only operate in the field of culture, including events or projects having an impact on culture (e.g. the EUSDR Annual Forum has a much wider scope but might be relevant for cultural players, European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 is much wider, but it might be interesting to know what it brings for the Danube countries)
  • The editorial board checks out the proposals and decides which ones should be published
  • The sender of the proposal should suggest how the item would be commented and presented
  • The editors publish the information on the platform
  • Certainly, we will also publish selected events, news etc. of the Cluster members (e.g. a festival opening with special recommendations, background information)