Donau Lounge

The Danube Cultural Cluster's thus far most successful, international literature brand is the Donau Lounge. If you want to understand Central and Eastern Europe, have a look at their books! You will find history, philosophy, social and cultural issues here – wrapped into exciting personal stories and observations.

In this sense, the basic idea of the Donau Lounge was to provide a stage for “Danubian” literature, to establish a Danube-wide literature network, and to promote the ideas of EUDRS at huge, popular but highbrow events. Book fairs are ideal places for this kind of content and promotion having at the same time a strong impact on culture, economy, media and the public.

This unique literary program first came out at the 2012 BUCH WIEN – Vienna International Book Fair, and since then, it has been an inherent part of the Book Fair every year. But the Donau Lounge has even outgrown its regional reputation and has become a cultural trademark: Its literary programs were also introduced at Târgu Mureş (RO), Bucharest (RO), L’viv (UA) and Budapest (HU) during the recent years.

The project is based on a very wide cooperation of cultural organizations, embassies, ministries, literature agencies and publishing houses from all over the Danube region.

The Donau Lounge program is open for further collaboration with book fairs and literature festivals all over the Danube region!

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